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Say with the conscience, while taking your purpose for revenge with the purpose that this method attains a person is too easily!One personal grab your lover, a person fornicated your wife, a person compromised your daughter, you originally had right upward sky requested the happy, because God created a person, allowing everyoneses can get happiness, but he but break your whole life, make you the whole life painful to receive to disgrace.He makes your brains crary, let your in the mind despair, but you, only because have already shot into a bullet the person's head for you, or use a to pierce sword his chest, from think to have been already revenged, but surprisingly, after dueling, but the victor is usually him, because of in the person's eyes in the whole world, he is already to be getting more innocent, in the God's eyes, is already arrive offense!Not, not, if"the count continues to say, " I revenge for myself, can't go to and make reprisals like this." "So you are Luo who doesn't approve affair of honor, you anyway also does the on bed terms person duel?"This round to the Er shell asked question, he was surprise very much to this strange theory. "Oh, duel!"The count answers a way, " pleases understand me, I will be a small matter but duel, for example, for the sake of an indignity, for the sake of on recording box on the ear, and would like to duel very much, because of, with I am on various physical training acquisition get of the technique develop gradually with me of ignore a dangerous habit, I dare to affirm to definitely kill my opponent.Oh, for the sake of these reason I discount MAC cosmetics will duel.But want to make reprisals a kind of dilatoriness of, deep of, permanence of pain and sufferings, if as for words that is possible, I want to back and forth report by same pain and sufferings, with blood return blood, requite like for like, such as what oriental says so, the oriental is all our master in everyone's noodles.The person of those with abundant resourceses in a dream makes a living, therefore pours to the paradise that they resulted in reality by themselves." "But, " Fu orchid say to the count, "embrace this theory, then equal yourself since is a plaintiff, at the same time again is a judge and executioner, this is the very difficult execution of, because your in luck engraves to guard against to fall inside in the hand of law.The old grudge is a blindness of, the exasperation will make you lose her head, the every Qing leaks the person of bitter wine of vengeance, he also emits danger by himself, probably will taste to 1 kind harder of taste." "Yes, if he has no money and has no experience is will thus, but if he is rich and ingenuous, then otherwise.And, even if he is subjected to punishment, the worst also however is we have already said of that kind of just, but the French big revolution of universal love replaces five horse cent corpses or car wheel to roll dead again.As long as he has already revenged, this kind of penalty again calculate what?This wretchedness shields a skin promise most likely is can't be beheaded of, frankly speaking, I pour a little bit and feel unfortunately, otherwise you pour to have an opportunity can see this kind of penalty produce of pain and sufferings is how short, actually whether lebron james 9 is well worth mentioning, , true of, in the carnival should matter like this unavoidably and too oddness, two, Sir, are we how to talks?, I remembered to come!You want to make a position in my window way.Can of, but we still go first to seat at table, because the servant has already come to notify that we use breakfast."When he talks, a servant opened four 1 in doors in the living room and said, " wine Yan is ready!"Two youths stood and walked into breakfast hall. The breakfast is very and flourishing, the time in dining, Fu orchid frequently inspect Er shell with observe words of their host at Er shell the influence produced on body, but don't know is because he that kind of always ten thousand matters don't mind of does the temperament make him don't notice him, still count

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