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Color perhaps also can't than now more deadly pale.He then knock mattock next met to equally resist dint, but was a different voice, he thought:"This is a wood box that wrapped sheet iron."Just at this time, a shadow brushed past entrance to cave, Tang too the Si start to grasp a gun and flee an entrance to cave, rush stone class.Was a wild goat to once rush rock, descend at not the distance eat grass.If he wants to get a lunch, this was originally a good opportunity of, but Tang too the Si deeply feared his gun voice cheap nike air max 90 meeting ahem.
He thought for a while and chopped down the tree branch of next greasiness and sparked it in smuggling the fire heap that the traders prepare breakfast, then raised this torch again descend get to hole inside.He hopes that seeing everythings is all clear.He raises to catch fire walk up he just dug of the front of hole, see mattock really dig sheet iron and wood.He put torch on the ground and restarted a work.On digging to open a piece of 3 Chinese feets to grow the ground of two Chinese foot breadths a short moment, Tang too the Si saw an oak cash box, outside wrap 1 F have already been dug to break of sheet iron.At box the center for building up, he sees inset a piece of silver slice and hasn't lost sheen and up carve Si Pa to reach the weapon of household, namely the shield of one noodles oval, the appearance is as just about as the style of Italian and general weapon, up put an a double-edged sword, at the sword and the shield is on then a hat of Cardinal.Tang too Si one eye recognized out, because Be second to once usually draw to let him see before in method.Now again the nothing important can doubt of, the treasure hides here, who can't give a lot of care like this, either hard to tackle of come to bury one to get empty a box.A wink of effort, he cleared the miscellaneous articles or objects on the box and saw between two padlocks and steadily buttonned up a big lock, twos of box were each to have one to lift wreath, and there is all the carvings of in those days on all these things.In those days, the art can make the most ordinary metal product become a treasure thing.Too the Tang Si holds tight 2 to lift wreath and wants to make an effort to lift silver cabinet, but cans not lifts.He wants to open it, but greatly lock and padlocks all button up very tightly, these the guarder aring faithful seem to be not to wish to hand over their treasures ofs to hide.Too the Tang Si is inserted a box of cover to sew an inside with the sharp head of of mattock and used to make an effort to want to pry open them.Listens to just this time the box cover one to dre headphones ring, the wood box opened, iron outer skin was also ground crack, dropped down, but still tightly connect at box plank up, the wood box was completely opened.
Too the Tang Si feels a burst of and dizzy and giddy, he buttons up gun machine and put it at nearby.
Inception he shuts eyes, the elephant child is similar, match eyes Ming to think in the starlight clean night, want in their own imagination and see than more starses in the sky, then he opens eyes again and surprisingly stands.That cash box was divided into three spaces.In each space, gleam to become the gold coin of heap;At second space in, exhaust have never dubbed out of gold bullion, in addition to their value, pour a nothing important the attractive place is also;At third space in, love virtuous receive to start to grasp into the diamond of pair of, pearl and ruby, they drop down of time bump shot each other, sending out elephant hail to beat the voice like that is on the glass.He after once touching and once smelling and once inspecting these treasure things in detail, elephant a person who suddenly grows crazy rush out in addition to hole, jumping a cake of can see in the rock six products of ocean.Really only his a person, only his a person accompanies with these even listen to have never heard, number all can not reckon how many of treasure thing!Is he actually awake, still is having a dream?
He originally really thought old stared at his gold, but his energy supported not to live.He chases a head the Fu is in the hand, the elephant wants to prevent°from losing her heading.Like this led in a short while, he suddenly the rock in the island run about wildly in the Christ mountain

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