monster beats by dre seeming is pulling the Dai to eat

th the younger brotherses again reencounter, because the aunt once says if can not find a mother to let the Dai pull he or she also foolish forever in London, don't return to Genova again to come, the reason is oneself to keep not rise two kids, but she has no notice aunt's uncle of way to die because of there being no money again now, she immediately again be sad for her younger brother.
However, know Dai's pulling isn't a little girl that always sinks to immerse in the sorrow, she is sad for affair who also can not compare with her, but who also can not compare with her to want the affair of sorrow that opening ground is so quick.Is very quick, she realizes she not can again so dispirited next go to, even if is to have no uncle, she also wants to find out a mother and also wants a family reunion.
Hence she rose is going to seek to work this mind, from now on the all things be all depending herself.The Dai pulls and knocks to knock on door, open the door of is still that woman, she comes out enraged, in that manner's monster beats by dre seeming is pulling the Dai to eat, she call way:
"You are this smelly wench, with intention to of is be not."
"Not, where do I just want to ask his last home."
"Whose last home?Big evening of you unexpectedly say this kind of unlucky words with me, really see ghost."
"Right bower?Inside special contract."
"At Ma Li especially the public cemetery is his good friend to help him the funeral affairs of arrangement, because his madam early die, he is few person in the Gu house here.However, you are going to though go mac makeup online to, stop coming vexed I, true unlucky!"Finish saying she pulled to push to push toward the Dai and then closed again door.

Although the Dai pulls have already known the last home of the uncle where, but want and go to is absolutely an impossible matter there, doing not say first can find out there, be get my Dai and pull and also have no enough money, on her body only an enough to eat quality badly of money of rice.So she then canceled this mind and prepared oneself to go first to seek a work and waited until Zheng enough enough much money then see an uncle.
At this time already nearly before down, the Dai pulls favour

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