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ome excrement to fill satisfied belly. The store here, the coffin store is an amount most of, almost will have personal quite a few be starved for a day or because life of helpless but from commit suicide.Many people even the coffin also buys not to rise and just binds corpse cloth to wrap and then cover up into underground with the corpse and allow him putrefied.The circumstance here is absolutely more even what a mess than hell-is a hell on earth, the Dai pulls cant not bear to heart again see these conditions, she is more foolish here and then more feel her owns crime, her current circumstance and the person here compares to be good friends with much, although she is also very poor, even not enough have meal, oneself need not see his/her own close relatives also bear with this kind of pain and sufferings, and oneself is just had no by a day to eat for rice of bitterness just, but these people of in front, god knows their Ai led how much day.Only leave Latin here that avenue the road in less than a day, but the in front pulling in the Dai displayed two different Londons, a merchandise row upon row in store, sumptuous, made some other parts of country comer surprises matchless to even arrive frightened situation, what people of street are dressed in was a velvet of or the clothes of woolens and flannel, the dame after death still has servant to follow behind, fresh flowers, theater, jewelry, the expenses of thing of these not essentials almost can let to allow much more kids to don't worry food and clothing from cradle to the grave;The another doesn't need to be remembered and describe, live puma shoes for sale display in the in front.These two places are apart from of is so near, all in city in London, is all rich to contain a vital mac makeup place, but difference such of big, make people surprised.Who is this ability strange?The Dai pulls now to want to leave at once here quickly and make oneself don't have quilt quickly and quickly. Being some is very naughty of and be unlikely hungry get be starved of the kid all came out an activity at this moment.These kids are all basically what a flock per flock comes outs, they every day have respectively of task:Literally use what means to

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