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rom other people.She at first sits mac makeup wholesale to imprison to wait for holding court in room at the prisoner and sits over there again while interrogating stop afterwards, she sees these men all pretend to have what matter, walk around in her doorway, or straight-tempered walk into room, be just for wanting to well see her.Who thought of to is these men to unexpectedly and absurdly judge her to take bitterness service, though she has never made be sued of the offense.Beginning she puts a voice to cry bitterly and stops weeping over afterwards and foolishly sit at imprison room in, wait for escorting jail once.Now she hope earnestly a matter:Smoke cigarette.When wrap the Jin gold of strange section child and Carl is also escorted to this inside in the room after announcing verdict, she is being placed in such of Jin absolute being status.Wrap a strange section child to first, scold Ma silk Luo child, call she the bitterness service make.
"How, did you win?Have no offense?This time feared to can not escape, mean person!
You this is to deserve it.Took bitterness service, see you return how sell Qiao?"
Ma silk Luo child the hands Chuai take care of in the jailbird tunic Xiu in, sit where, lower the head, foolishly hope a front two outside that piece of trample very dirty floor, the mouth inside just says:
"I didn't ask for you, you also since departure made me.I didn't ask for you, "she again and again said several times, no longer utter a oakley sunglasses cheap word.Until Carl Jin gold and wrap a strange section child be escorted to walk, a judicial police delivers three rubles for her, she just become a little bit a crudely little more vivid.
"You are a Ma silk Luo child?"He asks."Take go, this is a wife to send to yours, " judicial police says to hand over to her money.
"Which wife?"
"You take go to be, who happy and you are much bothersome."
This money is what Zhang Bangui in the brothel reaches child make him deliver.While leaving law court, she asks the civil case performance the Li, she can give Ma silk Luo is child's a little money.The civil case performance Li says can.She acquires permission, take off to nail the muntjac skin of having three buttons gloves, bare a white and fat hand, from the behind wrinkly plait of silk fabric skirt in take out a modern style purse.Pack in purse

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