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The Nie He stayed a man to sigh an one breath.
"Is really strange, " he says.
"Is all right, we hereafter discuss it later, " Xie Lie cheap oakley sunglasses rather says."I this goes, " he turns round to answer that that finishes respectfullly finish respect the ground walk to him front of of civil case performance the Li say."Must definitely seek an opportunity to see again, " he the extremely regrets ground say, "do I seek to get you?As for I, before having a meal at 7:00 p.m. always in the home.I live a hero the day is in the Na Jin street, "he said the house number of his house."We how many years don't meet!"He added a , peep out to smile an idea again on the lips, walk.
"If there is time, I will see yours, " Nie He stays a man to say and feels the person of this originally warm amiability, after this time brief confabulation, become not well acquainted with, diaphragm but hard comprehension, if don't say to become enemy opponent-

The Nie He stays a first felling that man morning wakes up, is that he did a bad matter yesterday.
He starts remembering:Bad matter didn't once do, bad behavior also have no, but once had some viewpoints, some bad viewpoints, those are his various current plans, for example get married with the card autumn a kind of insect, hand over to the farmer the land etc., all is fall through, can not insist, all escape from physically, all not natural, he should elephant in the past so living be.
The bad behavior really has no, but has much worse than the bad behavior things.That is the thought that arouses various bad behavior.Bad behavior can no longer important criminal, and feel penitence for this, but the bad thought usually produces bad behavior.
A kind of bad behavior can open Wholesale MAC Makeup a new road for other bad behavior;But the bad thought will trail a person to follow that road have been dropping downwards.
The morning Nie He stays the thought that a man relives yesterday in the brains, not from must feel surprising, he how can has those viewpoints, which afraid only have a split second.Whether he intends that the matter that do is how unusual or not, how difficult, he knows, it is his only exit now to act like this.He knows that instauration originally of the life is how easy to accomplish, but that is a dead end.He feels now that yes

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