mac makeup outlet seemed to be still

en to."He draws back to cover in the woolen blanket on the body and says.

The front of my marble fireplace in the living room the inside reads to let him listen to.Doing not play trick this time isn't to read item by item from the text, the story that I write this time!Very various but speech, admire the mulberry is rated as perfect audience.He completely sinks to immerse in the story, the facial expression on the face is along with details variety of story.I finish reading the last words, he summons up Zhang, however don't produce a sound.

"My sky!Amir's young master, too stick!"Admire mulberry to beam with joy.

"Do you like it?"I say.Getting to praise for the second time was really too sweet.

"The Allah protects, your affirmation will become a great writer.The persons of "admire mulberry to say, " whole world all read your story."

"You exaggerated too much and admired mulberry."I say that however is very happy that he thinks so.

"I have no.You will be very great, very famous."He insists his own standpoint.Immediately after he stopped for a while and mac makeup outlet seemed to be still to mean to say what, cheap oakley sunglasses me to ask one the question concerning this story?"He awkward and shily says.


"That good ????" he the desire speech is again.

"Tell me, admire mulberry."I say.My face takes a smile, although in a flash I this writer heart in trembling, don't know if want to keep on listenning to.

"That is all right, " he says, "if make me come to ask, does that man do killed his/her own wife?Actually, why he has to feel sad just can drop tears?Can he not just smell onions?"

My gape.This special problem, although it is said it is obviously too stupid, but I have never thoughted of, I mutely move lips.In the same night, I learned one of the target of writing:Satirize;I still learned one of the trap of writing:Details flaw.Being the multitudes is medium, only admire mulberry to teach to me.This completely illiterate, can't write of admire mulberry.There are an iciness but dark voice ringing out in my ear:He knows what, this admires firm p

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