cheap beats by dre of other voices

ull an illiteracy?He goes together with in the kitchen to do odd jobs just during a lifetime.Does he dare to criticize me?

"Very good ????" I speak up, but can not finish saying that sentence.

Because suddenly, Afghanistan everythings all changed.

Don't know that the voice that what things send out a burst of roll of thunder sort rings, immediately after the earth is tiny to tremble, we hear the gun voice of "bang-bang-bang"."Father!"Admire the mulberry loudly stroke under yell.We take to the heels to run a living room and see the inside is lame feet to run about wildly in the hallway.

"Father!What voice is that ?"Admire mulberry to shout loudly, open a pair of arms Wholesale MAC Makeup dynasty in rush pass by.In stretch hand Lan to live us.A white light the Shan rise, the night sky shines silver Hui.Again is a white only, is the gun voice of violent storm hurricane sort later on.

"They are hunting to kill mallard."Inside hoarsely say, " they hunt duck at the mid-night, don't fear."

The distance spreads an alert voice.Don't know where spread the voice of the glass blowout, also someone loudly shouts.I hear people wake up with a start from the sleeping and run to in the street, probably the body is up still dressed in a pajama, with disheveled hair, have a drowsy look.Admire the mulberry is crying, in hold close he, slightly daut him.Afterwards I tell myself, I have never envied to admire mulberry, at 1:00 all have no.

We so cringe ground to embrace into one regiment, is quick to dawn till sky.Gun voice and explosion voice haven't ended for a hour, but was frightened to death we, because we have never listenned to street will have a gun to ring.At that time these voice to us too oddness.Those ear inside in addition to the gun loudly has no Afghanistan kids cheap beats by dre of other voices again haven't been born at that time.In the restaurant, we Be crowded to become a heap of, wait for the sun rising, no one realizes past life style has already come to an end.Our life style, even if haven't completely overed, that is to linger on.End, formal of end is in April, 1978, it coup occurrence, immediately after is December, 1979, Russian tank at I and

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