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g around everywhere."2 people continue to go forward, man Si the card Si give Pu or hold tight coughing of horsemanship teacher a matter greatly talk not only. "You must want, " he says, "I always haven't heard be like a cough like this, so coughs the method is very fresh to me, nature left to me deep impression.In the world cough methods very much, have stem to cough and not and tightly and not and slowly cough, generally say come, not and tightly and not and slowly cough compare be like a dog to bark up so cough sharp voice the sharp spirit is still a little bit lighter, like 1:00.Remember I at young of time(he says "I at young of time" once suffered little elder brothers from a throat pain, cough that appearance is like the wolf call;Gradually cough afterwards Be getting more loose, they are then all happy.Canning be like to grow so to cough monster beats a method but smell don't smell here cheap puma sneakers am such to me at least-this basically not is live the person's a cough.It isn't a stem to cough, but can not call, either to loosely cough, loose this phrase son far and far could not express its property.Hear it yes, you imitated a Buddha to see that circumstance in the Human body body-have been in a great mess by the side of there, one regiment lousy sauce ""get, " invite the rare Mu say, " I hear every day to wear, you need not give me depiction." But man Si the card Si give basic calmness of Pu not to come down, he a but again, again but three grounds of want a cousin to believe, he hears a cough like this indeed be really like to go to in internal organs of seeing the horsemanship teacher, so when two of them walk to have meal hall, he is that double of because of long trip seem to be tired eyes return the Shan wear excited light.The restaurant sets out in the restaurant bright, elegance and comfort.It locates at by the side of the right hand of the hall, with conversation room over against, according to invite rare Mu explanation, mainly is BE provided to newly arrivedly don't catch up member and temporary sex visitor dining of the disease of starting to eat time.However also usually give a party here, celebrate this to lead a birthday, that recovers from illness hospital discharge and check-up result good etc. in whole hospital.Sometimes this inside in the restaurant is very noisy, invite rare Mu say, there is even also champagne passing around.Can at present but empty of, however a wife about 30 years old reads a book in the inside;Sees re

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